Pohjola-filmi Oy

Rahakamarinportti 3 A
00240 Helsinki, Finland

Elina Pohjola

CEO, Producer
+358 44 503 1881

Elina Pohjola (b.1981) has graduated as a media producer from the Turku Arts Academy and as a Master of Arts at film and tv producing from ELO Helsinki film school. She’s worked in the production of several Finnish feature films before starting her own production company Pohjola-filmi at 2009 with screenwriter Mike Pohjola.

Mike Pohjola

Co-founder, Screenwriter
+358 50 523 8399

Mike Pohjola (b.1978) is a transmedia guru, an author, a playwright and a game designer. Mike is interested in roleplaying games, religions, politics, fantasy, and all things strange. In addition to Pohjola-filmi, Mike co-founded of a Stockholm-based Emmy-winning company that’s focused on participatory and interactive media. Through The company P Mike has worked with the TV gurus Joss Whedon and Tim Kring.

Pasi Hakkio

+358 50 359 3512

Pasi Hakkio (b. 1986) has graduated as Bachelor of Business Administration. In addition he has made a Master of Arts studies and studies at the Munich Film School. Before transiting  to Pohjola-filmi Pasi worked in his own production company called Visual Norden. The first touch with films was when Pasi was shooting home videos together with his classmate in the fifth grade. In the field of national film-making Pasi wants to see the whole Finland.

Viivi Veivo

Production Coordinator
+358 45 8855 299

Viivi Veivo has been working in Pohjola-filmi since the end of 2012. She has studied digital media and has graduated as media assistant. Viivi has experience from Tv-editing in different production houses. Viivi is response of daily operations at the office, edit and post production.