Released films

emika_julisteMaiden of the Lake 

Web documentary

Maiden of the Lake is a web documentary that uses 360° technique to tell a story of 12-years-old Emika. Emika spends her summer on a small island in the lake called Saimaa. Together with her cousin Antti they build the most magnificent hut in the forest, pick berries and mushrooms, fish and make a fire. Until it’s time to swim with birds.

Website will be released Spring 2017.



My Father from Sirius

Feature documentary

Einari’s childhood could have been like that of any other Finnish boy, but everything changed when his father was enlightened and started communicating with light beings from Outer Space.

My Father from Sirius  was released 11.11.2016.




Urban FamilyOllaanVapaita_juliste

Music film

Selja is in her thirties and lives in a shared flat with her friends. One day a boy appears at her door; a boy she gave up for adoption sixteen years earlier. Selja has a chance to get to know her son, but at the same time, makes a complete mess of her and her best friends’ lives.

Urban Family was released 7.8.2015.

Watch the trailer here.

Happiness Poster 5a_nettiinThe Salesmen of Happiness

Feature documentary

Life coaching has become a huge business in Finland. Why are we so desperately searching for happiness in this society where things seem to be quite OK. Why are we looking for “more and better” all the time and have the feeling that what we have is never enough?  


The Salesmen of Happiness was released 13.11.2015.





Short fiction

Winterheart is a story of Eikka, a cab driver in his fifties, who has betrayed his family and is now losing the connection to his teenage daughter Laura. Eikka has been unfaithful to his wife, and Laura, as well as her mother, has a reason to hate Eikka for destroying their family. One night Eikka meets Saija, a girl same age as his daughter, who claimes to be raiped. Eikka gives her a lift home, but can’t forget the tragic and sad girl. He’d like to help her more, not least because she happens to know Eikka’s daughter..


juliste_eng_2 2

Marzia, My Friend

Feature documentary

Marzia, My Friend is the story of an Afghan woman in her twenties, who like all young people dreams of love, freedom and an interesting job. She dreams of peace and independence, but because she lives in Afghanistan, her dreams are revolutionary.





klikkis_nettiinWar for Clicks

5 x 3-5 min short documentary

War for Clicks is one of the five projects selected for Dox@Net. The Internet and rapidly developing everyday technology have exploded the distribution of online videos.  Anyone can upload a video that gets more viewers than any television show. But what makes a video a hit? Now five filmmakers enter into a competition to see whose video will get the most clicks. Only illegal methods are forbidden, everything else is allowed in the attempt to gain the most views. They will offer nudity, singing competitions as well as celebrities. The competition will be fierce, only the number of clicks matters.
Directors: Salla Sorri, Wille Hyvönen, Iris Olsson, Markus Kåhre and Reetta Aalto. Production: Elina Pohjola / Pohjola-filmi


KS_julkka_ENG_FINALMy Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me

Documentary film 60min

Can love be true between a Western man and a Thai woman?




SIROCCO_julisteSuburban Shorts

Short film screening for theatrical distribution, fiction

Suburban Shorts is a screening consisting of two short films; So it Goes by Antti Heikki Pesonen (ELO Helsinki Film School 2012) and Sirocco by Mikko Kuparinen (Pohjola-filmi 2012). Films were released 26.10.2012.


Short fiction, 15 minutes
A lonely woman finds an abandoned baby by her apartment house’s garbage bin, and decides to take the baby home with her. Based on a short story by Tuuve Aro.

Forest of BabelThe Forest of Babel

Short fiction

The Forest of Babel in an adventure film where three children try to save a reindeer fawn in Lapland.




AvioliitostaAbout Marriage

Short documentary

The company’s first production was the romantic documentary About Marriage, a unique and rough movie about love. Elina and Mike are getting married even though they have opposed marriage. The makers talk about their feelings and the meaning of marriage. The interviews are peppered with dramatized parts where actors Samuli Vauramo and Pihla Viitala present the story of the main couple. In the end the viewer also wants to be in love.