In production

Pony and Pigeonboy

Feature filmTheFilmOfPonyAndPigeonboy-flat copy

Pony and Pigeonboy tells a story of seven-year-old girl Pony, who doesn’t want to go to school, and big-mouthed Pigeonboy who has solution to all possible problems.

Humoristic family-film  Pony and Pigeonboy is partly based on Veera Salmi’s popular children’s book The Book of Pony and Pigeonboy, which rich humor and anarchist hustle have brought the book as a favorite of children. The book was published in 2012 by Otava and was an instant success.

Shooting of the film will start at summer 2017. The film will premiere at the end of the summer 2018.

Director: Mari Rantasila
Written by: Hannamaija Matila ja Veera Salmi
Producer: Elina Pohjola
Distriputor: B-Plan Distribution
TV-channel: Yle
Production support: Suomen elokuvasäätiö


Short Fiction

MADDE and her best friends AURA and JULIA (all around their thirties) are trying out new outfits in a trendy shop, when Madde suddenly sees a dark figure from the past: her ex-bff ELSI, 30. Traumatized and panicked, Madde hides in a coat rack at first, but empowered by her friends she decides to make atonement with her past. It’s Elsi’s turn to listen and weep.
#atonement is short comedy about female empowerment and friendships that stay with you forever.

 Director: Ulla Heikkilä
Written by: Anna Brotkin
Cinematographer: Pietari Peltola
Sound Designer: Arttu Hokkanen
Costume Design: Roosa MArttiini
Producer: Marja Pihlaja
Executive Producer: Elina Pohjola

For a Moment More

Short documentary

For a Moment More is a warm documentary film about the quiet but invaluable work that end-of-like caring houses do for the benefit of the dying and their relatives. The stories of three nurses will open a world that is coloured by death but where the leading role is acted by hope of happiness in last days of lives. Death and nurses open same doors in nursing home but death will keep the last moment with itself. Until that moment the nursing home is full of life.

Director: Jenny Timonen
Producer: Pasi Hakkio
Executive producer: Elina Pohjola
Cinematography: Kerttu Hakkarainen
Editor: Ville Hakonen / Wacky Tie Films