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Tv-series 3x60min

Sanna is a school psychologist and the chairwoman of the Finnish education committee. A child dies in an accident on the yard of her school, and the civilian service man guarding the yard is blamed. He is of immigrant background and becomes the target of racist hatred. Sanna must work together with her political opponent, deputy mayor Hans Eklund, to stop the hatred from escalating into a full blown race riot. Investigating the accident forces Sanna and Hans to ponder whether the painful decisions that affect schools were made without thinking about the children’s interests. As they plunge deeper into the school’s and children’s reality they find both their families and political careers at stake.

Director: Juho Kuosmanen
Screenwriter: Elina Hirvonen
Producer: Elina Pohjola

LESSON (Working title)

Mari is a young teacher whose career is ruined when she is falsely accused of abusing one of her students.

Screenwriter: Petra Forsten
Director: Marja Pyykkö
Producer: Elina Pohjola
Scriptwriting grant and development fund: Suomen elokuvasäätiö / Marjo Valve

Summer Camp

Short film

Summer Camp is about unequal Finland and one week in municipal summer camp.

Director and screenplay: Jani Ilomäki
Producer: Pasi Hakkio
Development fund: Finnish Film Foundation / Piia Nokelainen


Wheels of Freedom


Ville Jaaranto plans to travel with his power wheelchair from Finland to Lisbon.

Being alive and having a life mean different things for Ville Jaaranto, 35. He has suffered all his life from AMC disease and he doesn’t even get out of his bed without his assistants. Still he dreams about a journey across Europe. To get to Lisbon the borders he has to overcome are not only between countries. It is not surprising, that his mother, people around him and Finnish welfare system don’t really understand the reasons for the journey, which could have disastrous consequences for Ville´s health. Wheels of Freedom follows this determined young man planning something impossible.

Director: Aleksi Puranen
Production: Pasi Hakkio/Pohjola-filmi
Co-producer: Luzid Film GmbH (GER) / Barbara Groben
Development fund:
Finnish Film Foundation / Piia Nokelainen
Arts Promotion Centre Finland/Lapland

Project has been developed in EDN Twelve for the Future -program.