Filming of Winter Heart starts at Rovaniemi

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 09/02/2015

The filming of Winter Heart, a short fiction by Jussi Hiltusen, takes place at Rovaniemi this week.

Winter Heart is a story of Eikka, a cab driver in his fifties, who has betrayed his family and is now losing the connection to his teenage daughter Laura. Eikka has been unfaithful to his wife, and Laura, as well as her mother, has a reason to hate Eikka for destroying their family. One night Eikka meets Saija, a girl same age as his daughter, who claimes to be raiped. Eikka gives her a lift home, but can’t forget the tragic and sad girl. He’d like to help her more, not least because she happens to know Eikka’s daughter..

The main cast of Winter Heart includes Ville Virtanen, Rosa Salomaa, Linda Tuomenvirta, Jonna Järnefelt and Kai Vaine. The premiere of Winter Heart is at summer 2015.



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