Dox@net funds War For Clicks

Posted by Mike Pohjola - 06/05/2014

Finnish Film Foundation, YLE and AVEK have announced the results for the Dox@net call for projects. They have chosen five online documentary projects each consisting of 3-5 short documentary films.

One of the chosen five is Pohjola-filmi’s War For Clicks. The five parts will be directed by Salla Sorri, Wille Hyvönen, Iris Olsson, Markus Kåhre and Reetta Aalto.


The net and the quickly developing everyday technology has exploded the spread of video material online. Anyone can upload a video that gets more views than any single tv show. But what turns a video into a hit? Five film makers enter a contest for getting the most clicks for their video. Everything legal is permitted. We will see bare skin, singing contests and celebrities. The contest will be breath taking. Only the clicks matter.

The jury comments the project like this: “The strong team has a hilarious and energetic project that seriously aims at getting a big audience for a documentary short, while also ironizing and questioning our online behavior. The topics of the films range from pussy to stuttering, from war to errors and meme factors.”

Dox@net films will be published at YLE Areena in January 2015. More information in Finnish here.

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  1. You’ve impessred us all with that posting!

  2. Fantastic article, I will be showing this article to all of my friends as a case study on why members of military/civilian authorities should not lose their job for doing it as they have been trained.

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