Two feature length films from Pohjola-filmi goes into production

Posted by Mike Pohjola - 09/04/2014

This April the Finnish Film Foundation has granted production funds for two feature length films from Pohjola-filmi.

The Salesmen of Happiness written and directed by Wille Hyvönen is a documentary film about happiness, professionals of happiness and the business around happiness. It is Pohjola-filmi’s first international co-production; the co-producer is Dutch Niek Koppen (Selfmade Films). The film is also funded by several foreign tv channels, and the international sales are taken care of by the high level sales agent Jan Rofekamp from Films Transit. The film will be premiere in fall of 2015.

Here For A While (working title) is Pohjola-filmi’s first feature fiction film. The movie is written by Tua Harno and directed by Oskari Sipola. Here For A While tells the story of Selja, a woman in her thirties, lwho ives in a commune with her friends. Her life and that of her friends is revolutionized when a young man appears at the door. He’s the son she gave up for adoption sixteen years ago. Here for a while is a new kind of music film set in the present time. The engaging songs in the film are from the very top Finnish songwriters, written precisely for this movie.

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