Sirocco on “Young Directors to Watch” DVD

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 21/12/2013

798716e34be1317bdd053b29711e7a1c_f4668Ten short films from Nordic directors to watch are offered as tine-ins/Christmas presents in the December issues of the Nordic film trade magazines EKKO in Denmark, Episodi in Finland, Rushprint in Norway and FLM in Sweden. The promotional initiative is supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond. This year one of the films is our short film by a “Young director to Watch” Mikko Kuparinen. The other Finnish short is Emergency Calls by Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen. Mikko Kuparinen gave an interview to EKKO in Denmark, the interview can be read here:

Last month Sirocco was also seen at Uppsala Short Film Festival at the programme of new Finnish short films by a new generation of filmmakers in Finland. More info about the festival here.

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