Marja Pyykkö to direct The Lesson

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 05/11/2013

Maria Pyykkö has been selected to direct The Lesson (Oppitunti), a feature film Pohjola-filmi is developing.  Pyykkö’s previous feature film Kekkonen tulee premiered in theaters in Finland at August 2013. Marja Pyykkö’s directorial deput was Run Sister Run from 2010. Marja Pyykkö has graduated as a film director from the University of Arts and Design Helsinki, and has directed numerous short films and advertisements, her latest work being a tv-series Mustat lesket that she directed together with Veikko Aaltonen.

The Lesson is a film about a young  sports teacher Mari whose career is destroyed in a second, when one of her students presents a false accusation of abuse. The film is written by Petra Forsten. The shootings are planned for year 2015. The film is produced by Elina Pohjola and Piia Nokelainen, who was one of the producers in Marja Pyykkö’s film Run Sister Run!




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