Third development fund to Self Made Men

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 01/11/2013

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted the third development fund for Pohjola-filmi’s feature film “Self Made Men”. Mike Pohjola writes the movie and the director is Ville Jankeri. Jankeri’s former direction Sixpack (Pussikaljaelokuva), released in 2011, was outstandingly welcomed by the critics and the audience.

Self Made Men is a political comedy where three workers kidnap the company Chairman to stop the planned lay-offs. The situation is reversed many times, when Chairman Jalava and kidnapper Voima-Virtanen try to turn each others’ heads. Jalava wants to make Voima-Virtanen into a capitalist, Voima-Virtanen attempts to reignite the socialist flame of Jalava’s youth. Voima-Virtanen is the one with the gun. Who wins?

At the moment we are actively developing the film, with the shoot planned to take place in the Summer 2014.

All funding decisions are listed at the homepage of The Finnish Film Foundation.

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  2. This does look promising. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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