Sirocco won the Grand Prix at Odense

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 31/08/2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 15.32.37The short film Sirocco, directed by Mikko Kuparinen, won the Grand Prix (known as the H. C. Andersen Award) at Odense Film Festival in Denmark late Friday evening.

The film festival is Denmark’s biggest, and is considered very prestigious. With the award Sirocco also receives the chance to compete for the Academy Award in the Best Live Action Short Film category. Along with the award, the film receives a cheque for 100 000 DKK (13 000 €) and a statuette designed by the renowned Chinese artist Yue Minjun.

Three thousand films were submitted to the festival, and 81 were selected to compete for the acclaimed H. C. Andersen Award.

Sirocco’s main role is played by actress Eeva Putro, and the film is based on Tuuve Aro’s short story Merkki (2006).


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