Producer Piia Nokelainen joins Pohjola-filmi

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 12/08/2013

A new producer Piia Nokelainen has started in Pohjola-filmi in the beginning of August. Nokelainen has worked in the film industry since year of 2000 in different job descriptions and has produced, inter alia, Alli Haapasalo’s On Thin Ice, Marja Pyykkö’s Here Lies Aino Koski, Lotta Kupiainen’s Caasha. Her lates film was Marja Pyykkö’s Run Sister Run!, a film she produced together with Jukka Helle and Markus Selin from Solar Films. Nokelainen has worked as a freelancer-producer since 2012 and has worked amongst film marketing with distribution company SF Film Finland.

“I’m very happy and pleased that Pohjola-filmi gets so experienced producer to join our team. Piia’s professional skills and experience will be a great thing to Pohjola-filmi. It’s also worth mentioning that I shared my very first experience in the industry with Piia in 2003 when I worked as a production assistant in a feature film Producing adults. Piia worked as a second assistant director and our team worked seamless already back then. Now the circle closes when we produce films together”, says Pohjola-filmi’s producer and CEO Elina Pohjola.

During this autumn Pohjola-filmi focuses on developing feature films Self Made Man and Here for a while and also preparing of short fiction Cabdriver and documentary films Salesman of Happiness and Women’s Afghanistan.

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