Helsinki –filmi buys part of Pohjola-Filmi

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 06/05/2013

Helsinki –filmi has 30.4.2013 bought part of Pohjola-filmi’s stock. Elina Pohjola, the producer and CEO of Pohjola-filmi, has already been working closely with Helsinki –filmi for years.

“Producer Aleksi Bardy has been my idol as a film producer”, Pohjola says. “It’s great that Helsinki -filmi will now officially be part of our company and help Pohjola-filmi grow, stabilize, and achieve new goals.”

“This is very good news. It’s been a pleasure to follow Pohjola-filmi’s and especially Elina Pohjola’s energetic work with both fiction and documentary films. Pohjola-filmi has exceptionally fresh and distinguished ideas, and the needed courage and drive to make them happen,” says Miia Haavisto, CEO of Helsinki –filmi.

The stock of Pohjola-filmi is now shared between Elina Pohjola, Mike Pohjola and Helsinki –filmi. Pohjola-filmi’s next films are the feature film Self Made Men, written by Mike Pohjola and directed by Villa Jankeri, and The Salesmen of Happiness, a documentary film about life coach training and selfhelp-business from Wille Hyvönen, whose previous film was the Pohjola-filmi’s production My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me.

Pohjola-filmi is a film production company focusing on northern cinema, producing feature length and short films, fiction and documentary. Pohjola-filmi was founded by Elina and Mike Pohjola in 2009.

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