Pohjola-filmi wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 21/12/2012

This year is coming to its end and it’s now the time to wrap it into a gift paper. This has been the second active year for our company. All months spent with productions have been interesting, hectic and rewarding.

Two of our productions, Sirocco directed by Mikko Kuparinen and My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me directed by Wille Hyvönen, were both finished and released in this year. They both were also shown in autumn screening of School of Arts, Design and Architecture as Elina’s Master of Arts films from film and TV-producing department. This also meant Elina was speaking for the last time as a production student in Sampo-hall. She has now given her masterpiece.

Sirocco had its international premiere in California in June and after that the film has been shown in Estonia, Russia and in three different festivals in Italy. Who knows if Sirocco’s Italian name or line “I have to get to Italy” has its impact for the success in Italy. Eeva Putro’s role in the film has been praised widely and Sirocco received a special mention prize for that in Italy. In Finland the film was shown in Love and Anarchy festival and in Helsinki Short Film Festival. It has also been published as an extra material in DVD of the feature film Hush (Ja saapuu oikea yö) procuded by Helsinki-filmi. Sirocco is also one of the nominees for Kettu-prize in Helsinki Short Film Festival. The prize is given for especially distinguished short film and the winner is announced in Jussi-gala in next January.

Besides the festivals Sirocco is also shown in Finland in part of the Suburban Shorts, together with the film Korsoteoria, directed by Antti Heikki Pesonen and produced by Aalto University. Pohjola-filmi works as a distributor of Suburban Shorts. Both short films have received praising reviews from the critics and have gathered audience very well into the movie theaters. Films can be seen at the moment in Kinopalatsi in Turku and in Helsinki, and next year they will continue their tour to new cities. Bringing up the short films has been one of Pohjola-filmi’s goals in this year. The Forest of Babel, the winner of the Prix Europa competition, co-directed by Mike and Elina, was released as a short opening film in the beginning of We Bought a Zoo (Koti eläintarhassa) distributed by FS-Film.

My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me had its Finland’s premiere in November. Before that the film was screened in Nordisk Panorama Festival in Oulu and in Helsinki Short Film Festival, where it received a special mention prize in category of professional documentaries. Full press screenings lead a wide publicity for Wille, Seppo and Pin in radio, TV and several newspapers around the premiere. The national premiere was followed by international premiere in IDFA Amsterdam, which is one of the worlds respected and biggest documentary film festivals. My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me is just starting its festival tour and we are looking forward to see how wide audience it’s going to reach in abroad. Film’s international distribution will be handled via Canadian sales agent Ouat Media, which also represents the film Sirocco.

Next year will be starting with an active developing of new films. These are political comedy Self Made Men, written by Mike Pohjola and Hetken Tässä written by Tua Harno. They both have received a development fund from The Finnish Film Foundation. Self Made Men will be directed by Ville Jankeri and Hetken tässä by Oskari Sipola. Also in developing stage are the feature film Ajojahti (working title) written by Petra Forsten and the short film Pirssimies, written by Jussi Hiltunen, who has directed the film Hiljainen viikko. And last but not least there is also Wille’s next documentary film, which is dealing with the happiness.

Next year is going to be a very important for Mike; His novel about The Great Fire of Turku, 1827 Inferno and crowd funded adventurous role-play game Myrskyn Sankarit will both be finally published. When setting up Pohjola-filmi we defined together that we want to make films which tell something important about this world and the people in it. We really do believe that films can change the world. This belief has strengthened more and more with our first productions. It’s a privilege to get to do this job and it’s great to make films surrounded by such talented and passionated people.

We wish a wonderful mid-winter feast and a new year! See you at the movies!

21.12.2012 Mike and Elina Pohjola

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