Sirocco is awarded in Italy

Posted by Mike Pohjola - 29/08/2012

Mikko Kuparinen‘s brand-new short film Sirocco has been rewarded in Italy last Monday. The Jury especially praised Eeva Putro‘s interpretation of the main character; shy and lonely Raisa, who finds an abandoned baby from the garbage bin of her apartment.

In Italy Overlook film festival‘s others internationally succesful films were this and last years’ Oscar nominees. Sirocco received shared special mention with a Belgian Na wewe, directed by Ivan Goldschmidt, that was the Oscar nominee last year. Winner of the international competition is Hallvar Witzøn‘s direction Tuba Atlantic, a film competing for the Oscar this year.

Pohjola-filmi congratulates Mikko, Eeva, Ivan and Hallvar!

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