About the importance of filmmaking

Posted by Elina Pohjola - 31/01/2012

During the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself in situations where I had to think why I want to make movies and what kind of producer I want to be? My career as a producer has just begun and I’m becoming aware of things that are directing my own style of producing. One of these things is related to a personal relationship with the film, which you have as a filmmaker and as a viewer.

Every watching experience is personal although the film is watched collectively. Each viewer’s own experience, background and worldview modifies the way they read the film. The same applies of course to all forms of arts and culture.

This difference between experiences also concerns the process of filmmaking.
You can get a totally different film from the same idea or script depending on director’s point of view. Filmmaking is teamwork. This is why I feel that as a producer it’s important to find the stories I see important and to find the vision from the beginning, by which the screenwriter and the director are dealing with their subject. I also have to be the best possible partner and support for the director and for the whole team during the whole process.

When considering each idea I try to think what this film is trying to tell and do I understand the director’s point of view. Is this a film has to be done? By answering these questions leads me to the most important question: Am I really the best possible producer for this specific film? If the subject doesn’t feel important and it doesn’t make me feel that I’d be ready to move mountains for it, it’d be unfair for the director and for the whole team, if I’d become the producer of the film.

Film is a powerful tool. Last Sunday I saw 5 Broken Cameras in Doc Point film festival, a film about a little Palestinian village, and it left the whole audience silent. Just like many other films have done and are going to make. Movies can tell stories, raise questions, generate emotions. I truly believe that movies can change the world. Little by little, piece by piece. That’s why I want to make movies.

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